A Holistic Approach to Training
Equipping individuals and training them for ministry requires a holistic approach. With this in mind, we have developed a curriculum that centers around the following six core areas of training utilizing the EMMAUS acronym (Evangelism and Medical Ministry Anchored Upon Scripture).
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- Learn how to be an effective soul winner for Christ,
- How to prepare and deliver a Christ-centered Bible study,
- How to hold your own evangelistic series taught by veteran evangelists,
- How to hold small group evangelism and round table evangelism, and
- Get "hands on" experience in the above areas.
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- Learn how to live a healthy Adventist lifestyle,
- How to perform hydrotherapy, the benefits of charcoal and other natural remedies,
- How to effectively hold health expos / seminars, and
- How to bridge health ministry to Bible studies/evangelistic series.
- Get "hands on" experience through live medical ministry events and
- Get certified to facilitate the new CHIP program.
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- Learn from veteran ministers/evangelists how to deliver a dynamic Christ-centered sermon that appeals to the heart,
- How to recognize conviction and how to make appropriate appeals for eternal decisions,
- How to effectively disciple others and motivate members to become involved,
- How to keep evangelism alive and thriving in your church, and
- Get trained as a literature evangelist including "hands on" experience in door to door work.
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Anchored in His Spirit
- Learn about the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit,
- The life and ministry of Ellen White,
- How to study the writings of Ellen White (hermeneutical principles),
- Issues in the writings of Ellen White, and
- Learn the attacks on Ellen White's writings and how to meet these objections.

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Upon Their Shoulders
- Learn important details of church history as it relates to the Great Controversy,
- Important moments in the Early Christian church and what we can learn from it today,
- About the Waldensians and Early Reformers and their contribution to the Reformation,
- About great Reformers such as Luther, Calvin, and the Anabaptists,
- About the Early Advent Movement, and
- Get "hands-on" experience through a field trip to the Adventist Heritage Village in Battle Creek.

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- Learn how to dig deeper into God's Word and get more out of Bible Study;
- Participate in an In-depth study into the fundamental teachings of the SDA church and how to give a solid study on each topic;
- Learn how to answer questions / objections to each of our fundamental beliefs and memorize key verses on each subject;
- Participate in a chapter by chapter detailed study of the books of Daniel and Revelation (learn how to explain these great prophetic books).
- We will cover issues such as the law in Galatians, Old and New Covenants, Origins, Christian Ethics, Archaeological issues, Israel in Prophecy, and much more!